Adoptive Placement Agreement Ad-907

    B2. Enter, if applicable, the date of the intermediation in care or adoption. . A22. Check the box (1) yes or (2) no. Can we provide information about the benefits paid to your employers? Part A - This section must be completed if you are applying for PFL benefits as a care or employment provider. C2. First, enter the recipient`s phone number and prefix. A19.

    Check the box (1) yes or (2) no. Have you applied for or do you intend to benefit from it for part of the period covered by this right? C6. After reading and accepting the following confirmation of the Medical Disclosure Authorization, please have the recipient signed and dated. A5. Select the checkbox to check for the gender: male or female. . A16. Enter the legal name of the person you are caring for or connecting to (care or engagement recipient). Enter the first name, average initial, and last name. C5. Enter the recipient`s address.

    A21. Check the appropriate box (1) sick, (2) vacation or (3) others. If your employer has continued to pay you during your family vacation or will continue to pay, enter the type of salary you will be earning. A20. Check the box (1) yes or (2) no. Do you have more than one employer? Part C - Specifications (This section may be completed by the applicant if the beneficiary is unable to do so, mentally or physically. It must be signed by the recipient or the recipient`s authorized representative.) B3. The subordinate child mentioned in section B8 is my child (define the relationship). Please activate the corresponding box: A13. Select the corresponding box (1) yes or (2) no. Did you work during your family vacation or will you continue to work during your family vacation? B5.

    Enter the child`s social security number if available. A4. Enter your legal name (first name, initial last name, and average last name). The open exchange of ideas, cultures and art created a liveliness and growth in economic, social and cultural affairs along the Silk Road, unprecedented at that time. After the fall of the Tang Dynasty in 907 AD, a number of factors conspired to undermine the importance and dynamism of the Silk Road. A18. Check the box (1) yes or (2) no. Is another family member willing, willing, able and available to provide care for the period during which you are entitled to PFL benefits? B11. After reading and accepting the declaration, indicate your signature and the date on which you signed the claim. Stamps are not acceptable. PAA payments must not start until the adoption intermediation agreement (AD 907) and the adoption support agreement (AD 4320) have been signed.

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