Agreement About Sogie Bill

    In July 2018, several celebrities gathered for the passage of the SOGIE law. They also called on Senators Sotto, Pacquiao and Villanueva to end the debates and pass the proposed laws. [15] In August 2018, at the height of the debates that the law was postponed, several incidents of discrimination appeared against the Philippine LGBT community, triggering the public request for the adoption of the SOGIE Equality Bill in the Senate. [26] [27] Many influential figures, including political allies of the three senators who oppose the legislation, sided with the demands for the pioneering proposal. [19] [26] [9] What the bills suggest instead is the equal access of LGBTQ to basic rights and services. It proposes a ban on the following discriminatory acts, if they are carried out on the basis of SOGIE: Continuing Fight, While the bill has already overcome resistance in the House of Commons, it is still the subject of intense discussion in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Tito Sotto III, Sen. Manny Pacquiao and Sen. Joel Villanueva, who spoke out loudly about their religious beliefs, are among those who strongly oppose its passage. Several Christian groups also expressed their protest. The Christian Coalition for Justice, Justice and Truth (CCRJT) argues on the one hand that the bill is in fact immortalized and does not prevent discrimination because it discriminates against those who do not agree with the LGBTQ community. There are actually 16 sogie laws that were submitted to the House of Representatives, and the panel adopted as a "work project" the version passed in third and final reading during the 17th Congress.

    The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression (SOGIE, Tagalog: [`d`i]) Equality Bill aka Anti-Discrimination Bill [1][2] is a bill proposed by the Philippine Congress. It aims to prevent various housing laws, economic and public, based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. [3] The current version of the law is sponsored by Kaka Bag-ao, Geraldine Roman, Tom Villarin in the House of Representatives and Risa Hontiveros in the Senate. The House version last passed its third reading on September 20, 2017, but died in the Senate. [4] It was refiled for the 18th Congress.

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