Country Boy Gets Upmarket Agreement Crossword

    I didn`t hate him as much as OFL, but I agree with all his points except one: I have no problem with ATANDT. I don`t understand why the fact that we never write it like that doesn`t make it eligible. Do we not accept many other answers that fit this description, such as.B. hyphen words and phrases that appear in crossword puzzles without dashes? @Mohair Sam - Worse, I didn`t stop my fixed network until 2014. Nevertheless, when I am in NC, I can make a LOCAL CALL from my (313) mobile phone to someone with a Florida or New Mexico callsign or a "LOCAL CALL" to my sons (with (313) primary) in Kalamazoo, Boulder or Olympia. It`s definitely a head-out moment when I finally saw that the L was working. Also to your comment 3:33 - Okay. I promised a bit of history on PPP analysis, and today seems to be an appropriate day. One Saturday in February, I set a personal best on Saturday and loved the puzzle without pop culture. @OISK, who no longer posted enough and whose frame of reference is radically different from mine, had a very different impression, thinking he was overloaded with pop-cultural responses. In fact, I said there were only about seven pop-cultural responses. After reading @OISK, I actually passed the riddle answer after answer in mind. Yes - something like 40 or 45% PPP, it was by chance in my command house, so I didn`t notice it when untiing it.

    And that`s the problem with PPP, if you know, the puzzle is easier for you, if you don`t, you may have a hard time finishing or not finishing. It doesn`t matter for Jeopardy or Trivia Night at the bar, not so much for crossword puzzles. With regard to the 33% standard I quote, after that February puzzle, I followed the PPP every day for a while. From this follow-up, it seems that the 33% is a fair standard. Anything inferior and even something like SKODA usually gets a passport. Higher than 33% and you`ll have days like today, many, many people complaining about some PPPs or others, and others boasting* about how it`s naturally a right answer, since I know that. Remember only if you grow up - some days you are in the timonia, some days in the appendix.* I hope I did not criticize the one who should not be quoted for the use of this term. This puzzle is the dream of a name giver! HARIBO bastardizing Swahili for "Welcome" KB TOYS Kaufman Brothers! Shades of TOYSRUS by founder Lazarus. ZIMA is Russian for "Winter" (I worked for Lexicon who named this drink) What about SKODA? I don`t know how it was named, but maybe he`s Czech for "fit" (my least favorite name for a car ever!) Today`s timing is that I went to a pizzeria I went to every day last year, and I`ve never seen a shelf with ten different types of candy with HARIBO about it. And didn`t know the word That`s what crosses are for, that`s why they`re called crossword puzzles! I love @LMS comments and I still think she should/could sort through all her comments from this blog over the years and surpass her GWTW memoirs! (Anyone who disagrees, frankly, I`m not doing bullshit!) I almost always completely agree with Nancy, but there is inevitably an exception to any rule and today that exception is. I`ve never been able to sit in all of GWTW.

    The idea that always comes to mind is chick Flick`s once acceptable term, that is, a film that is primarily aimed at addressing the female sex. But it`s better not to let too many worms out of this box! Today, it looks like a dividing line has appeared, of which no one is close. He seems to be loved or hated. I`m always grateful for a Monday or Tuesday puzzle that requires more thought than filling out a contest (which I never do). And this one required some reflection. No, I`ve never heard of Lorain, Ohio, but it was pretty easy to find the crosses. I`m officially tired of ENIAC, though, which seems to find its way into far too many puzzles because of its "ease of crossword puzzles." What about honey plural? Is it someone who has more than one lover and an intimate relationship with everyone? In addition, it brings me to an insult to me: store employees I have never seen/met in my life call me honey. .

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