Sample Aircraft Purchase And Sale Agreement

    That this contract of sale can be read at the same time as a contract of sale and does not replace it, which has been issued in respect of the aircraft on a form suitable for registration with the Federal Aviation Administration. 1.2 (a) With respect to Buyer, this Agreement and Buyer`s Agreement are a certain _____ certain _______________________________________________________________________________________N_______________________ aircraft documents related to the foregoing, as defined in this particular aircraft purchase agreement (the "Contract") between the Seller and the Purchasing Company. ("Buyer" set) dated ____ day of _____], all hereinafter referred to as "aircraft". Therefore, taking into account the reciprocal agreements and understandings contained therein and for other good and valuable considerations, the parties agree: (g) The seller agrees to assert the buyer liable for all claims of a broker or other party that assert an interest in the aircraft or the purchase price arising from a real or alleged relationship or agreement with the seller: freedom and non-compensation. In accordance with this aircraft purchase agreement (the "Contract") of ____ ______ Usage or similar taxes and all interest or penalties for such taxes (unless: such interest or penalties are the result of an act or omission committed by or on behalf of the seller, who is not the buyer authorized or ordered the sale of the aircraft to the buyer, with the exception of income taxes, capital gains or other similar taxes imposed on the seller, at the expense of the buyer. In the event of notice to seller of a proposed sale, use or similar tax, control, receivable, valuation or proposed liability, for which Buyer may be liable under this Section, Seller will immediately inform Buyer of such potential tax liability. Buyer has the right to control, manage or defend audits, claims, evaluations, proposed liabilities or disputes relating to the use of the sale or similar taxes for which Buyer is responsible under this section. (b) the performance, delivery and performance of this Agreement by Seller has been duly approved by all necessary measures on behalf of Seller and is not contrary to a breach of any of the Terms or constitutes delay under any document, instrument or agreement in which Seller participates. (c) Where the aircraft has been properly and timely positioned at the place of delivery and after the fulfillment of all of Seller`s obligations and agreements incorporated therein, Buyer shall deposit the purchase price with Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC, the qualified intermediary designated by Seller, by electronic transfer, and (ii) Seller and Buyer shall immediately direct the FID agent to the date and contract of sale of the FAA in civil flight: gregister, b) date and filing of the application for registration concerning the aircraft and (c) release of the contract for the purchase of security from the buyer.

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