Sample Pro Bono Retainer Agreement

    The procedures for opening files may vary depending on whether the company counts pro-bono hours as cancellable or as something else (see 1.10 counting and credit times) and whether a fee or hour cap should be charged for the case. A company requests the dated signature of the pro-Bono coordinator or partner on the first page of the opening of the case to indicate that it is approved according to the company`s pro-bono system and that the royalty cap is allowed (if applicable). Everyone who works with Pro Bono clients needs good recommendation skills: clients often need referrals to a suitable department or agency, and companies need to be aware that they are not directing clients towards "referral traffic". (A significant problem arises for customers with disabilities. Companies should be aware that customers with disabilities are not referred to disability agencies because they have a disability: the customer`s legal problem may have little or nothing to do with their disability.) CLCs often maintain reference manuals for services available in local areas. Those working at Pro Bono should familiarize themselves with the services available and contact the CLCs in order to maintain current lists of these services and/or to obtain assistance in developing appropriate recommendations.83 In addition to how the issue meets the company`s admission criteria, the evaluation process includes consideration of the estimated costs and payments in the case. Some companies set rates or hours for each pro-bono topic. The systems must be implemented so that they can be fed into the company`s case opening and records management system. Effective file management procedures also have particular advantages in evaluating and promoting a company`s Pro Bono program. This is explained in more detail in 1.13 measurement, recording and evaluation.

    The letter of the commitment often serves as an agreement on costs. In the event that the case is in dispute and the costs need to be recovered if the case is successful, the costs and payments must be processed in the order letter at the time of any cost statement or agreement. . . .

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