What Is The Us Taliban Agreement

    The agreement will end America`s 19 years of deadly and costly war in Afghanistan. But it has failed to resolve the Taliban`s organized military campaign to dispossess the Afghan government and govern the country in accordance with strict Islamic law. In Doha, the two sides are expected to discuss, among other things, a comprehensive ceasefire and discuss the role the Taliban should play with the Afghan government. The agreement between the United States and the Taliban promised that "up to 5,000" Taliban detainees would be released by the Afghan government before the negotiations, in exchange for 1,000 members of the security forces held by the militants. The United States has pledged to withdraw all its armed forces - as well as allies, partners and civil security personnel - within 14 months of the signing of the agreement, until the Taliban proves its commitment to the agreement. Probably in good faith, the United States also committed to move its troops to 8,600 and withdraw them from 5 military bases within the first 135 days. Despite initial differences over prisoner exchanges and the Taliban`s relentless attacks on Afghan government forces, the Taliban and the Afghan government have begun to discuss a timetable and timetable for internal talks. In March 2020, the Afghan government appointed a 21-member negotiating team of "political leaders, former civil servants and civil society representatives," including five women. The Afghan government finally agreed to the first release of 1,500 prisoners and negotiated the release of other prisoners in an ongoing trial. The Taliban`s intransigence has contributed to the rise in violence.

    According to the U.S. Special Inspector for Afghanistan Reconstruction, the Taliban stepped up their attacks on Afghan forces following the February 2020 agreement. UN data showed similar trends. Taliban attacks in April 2020 increased by 25 percent from April 2019, with violence in 20 of the country`s 34 provinces. The annexes to the agreement between the United States and the Taliban, which has never been published, should limit the fighting. According to a well-placed source, the Taliban were allowed to continue their operations in rural areas, but not in major cities. Polls show that the Afghan people were willing to make some compromises for peace. But many question whether the Taliban can be held accountable for what they have promised. They also fear losing the important achievements of international engagement in Afghanistan, such as women`s empowerment, increased freedom of expression and a more vibrant press.

    Meanwhile, the number of American troops is already being reduced. Under the agreement between the United States and the Taliban, all U.S. forces will withdraw by May 2021, when the Taliban will honour their commitments to Al Qaeda and begin talks with the government. In other words, withdrawal does not depend on an agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban. However, it will not be easy to reach an acceptable peace agreement. It is not clear whether the Taliban take a deal seriously or that their leaders are negotiating to persuade U.S. troops to withdraw so that Taliban troops can overthrow the Afghan government. Even if the Taliban negotiate in good faith, important issues must be resolved, from political power sharing to the role of Islam and women`s rights.

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