Whether Registration Of Agreement To Sell

    On the other hand, section 49 of the Registration Act 1908 deals with the effect of not registering documents that must be registered, which states: "No document required under section 17 [or a provision of the Transfer of Ownership Act 1882] to be registered prohibits section 13 of the Act from prohibiting a developer from accepting an amount of more than 10% of the cost of ownership of a buyer. to run a TTY without and without registering such a TTY. However, Section 13 does not specify under which law – i.e. the Registration Act, the DSA or the law itself – such registration is subject. It appears that, without an express provision, Article 13 entails an amendment to Article 54 of the LPA and Article 17 of the Registration Act, which do not provide for the compulsory registration of ATS. . Money. It was also found that the sales agreement is not registered. . . .

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